Design Concept


Unique, specially designed collections that boost and strengthen your brand’s personality.


A brand is much more than a logo. It’s all about conveying the right feeling in everything you do, say and show – in every little detail.

Extend has helped both large and small hotels and spas to design and produce collections that showcase their unique personalities. Collections that add to the guest experience, and live up to high environmental and social standards.

Below, you can read about some of our very satisfied clients, and how we helped them. Would you like to know how we can help strengthen your brand? Contact us and we’ll be happy to tell you more.

The Well, Norway

The Well is one of the world’s most exclusive day spas, and the largest of its kind in the Nordic region. Extend was asked to create a complete solution for all of their textiles: bathrobes, towels, swimwear, slippers, yukatas, peshtemals and more. Besides dressing the guests, we also produced a wide range of clothes and shoes for the entire staff. The key aspects of the collection were functionality, easy care, great fit and an eco-friendly life cycle. At the same time, the design had to reflect The Well’s warm, soft, nature-inspired brand profile, and contribute to the whole guest experience.

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Yasuragi, Sweden

Since Yasuragi’s opening, Extend has supplied more than a million yukatas: light, Japanese cotton robes that the guests are welcome to take home with them. With its characteristic design, based on the Japanese characters for “good fortune” and “true happiness”, the yukata has become Yasuragi’s most important marketing element, with very high recognition. Besides yukatas, we also supply swimwear, slippers and special products such as washing towels and “ten toe” socks.

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Farris Bad, Norway

When Farris Bad developed their spa collection, Extend was involved from the start. Together with the client, we created a toned-down, minimalist design in harmony with Farris Bad’s brand profile. Today we supply bathrobes, terry cotton, slippers, swimwear and a private label series from Dharmazone.

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Stenungsbaden Yacht Club, Sweden

This classic spa hotel on Stenungsön has been one of the Swedish west coast’s most relaxing getaways since 1963. Extend has been Stenungsbaden Yacht Club’s supplier of spa textiles for over ten years, through different stages of concept development. We have produced everything from bathrobes and towels to swimwear, slippers and flipflops.
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