About Extend



Extend is Scandinavia’s leading supplier of custom designed textiles for hotels and spas. We take an active role in helping our clients strengthen and develop their brand concepts. Together with them, we develop unique products and private label collections, combining modern, functional design with a green, socially responsible profile.

Our Quality- & Environmental policy 

We strive for improved quality and reduced negative environmental impact through continuous product development.

Using life cycle analysis tools, we evaluate options with customers and producers to reduce negative environmental impact.

We comply with local and international laws and regulations.

We recommend and offer Oeko-Tex, GOTS and BCI certificates to create satisfied customers and suppliers through sustainable Enterprise.


Today we supply more than 500.000 items per year to Scandinavia’s leading spa hotels – including Yasuragi, Farris Bad, Stenungsbaden Yacht Club and The Well.

We value very client, large or small. In every collaboration, we strive to create a long-term profitability for the client, based on their specific needs. Professionalism, reliability and on-time delivery are not just catchwords to us – they are absolute requirements in all client contact.


Nordic Ecolabel: given to products that help reduce impact on nature and the environment.

NATRUE: guarantees all-natural ingredients, organic farming and environmentally sustainable production methods.

OEKO-TEX: guarantees that the textile/end product is free from chemicals that are hazardous to health or the environment.

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard): sets strict standards for organic and socially responsible production, from raw materials to end labelling.


At Extend, we believe in giving back. As part of a charity project, we help children in Pune, India by contributing towards a school bus, school uniforms and an orphanage. As our client, you can also help contribute – contact us for more information.


After many years in the industry, we know what happens when price is the only factor that matters – and who ends up paying the real price. Extend is against all production where prices are kept low at people’s and the environment’s expense.

We work closely together with our suppliers and manufacturers, making sure that they follow international ethical guidelines for working conditions and human rights.

We are also a member of the Textile Importers organisation. This gives us the tools to ensure our products meet industry standards, in everything from chemical use to social responsibility.